"The Northern Convoys International Centre" Foundation
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About The International Centre

The main objectives of the Northern Convoys International Centre include:

  • immortalizing the feat of hundreds of thousands people from different countries who participated in shipping the cargoes necessary for the Victory in the Great Patriotic and World War II, through the harsh Arctic waters;
  • bringing together all people and organizations who strive to immortalize the feat of the Northern (Arctic) Convoys’ participants;
  • tribute and appreciation to the War veterans for contributing to the Victory over Nazism;
  • cooperating and assisting now living veterans of the Northern Convoys, their families and families of those who have passed away;
  • establishing conditions for preserving the items of cultural value and other material objects related to the Northern Convoys and the combat cooperation of the countries of anti-Hitler coalition;
  • patriotic upbringing of the young people. One of the goals of the International Centre is to arouse among schoolchildren, cadets and students a genuine interest in the Northern Convoys, giving them the opportunity to use their creative talents. To this end, large-scale cooperation with young people is planned at all levels of implementation of the International center’s projects;
  • preserving and strengthening friendship, promoting peace among the peoples of all countries.

Northern Convoys International Centre carries out activities in three major areas

  1. Cooperating with the Northern Convoys’ veterans,

their families and the young generation 

  • Patriotic upbringing of the youth
  • Organizing and taking part in conferences and meetings
  • Honoring the War veterans and their families
  • Holding solemn events and meetings
  • Carrying out concerts for veterans and their families with the participation of the cadets
  • Laying wreaths and flowers in front of the Arctic Convoy Monument
  1. Awareness-building
  • Addressing to the audience via St. Petersburg television and radio
  • Publishing materials in newspapers, magazines and releasing articles in news sections of websites
  • Cooperating with mass media
  • Organizing and participating in various city events, as well as conferences, forums and discussion platforms with the presentation of the Centre's projects
  • Creating video library of the Northern convoys’ veterans and their memories. Part of the episodes capturing veterans of Russia, the USA, Great Britain, Scotland has already been shot as a part of the future full-length documentary with the working title “Northern convoys – immortal heroes!”
  • Posting information on the websites of Northern Convoys International Centre and the Admiral Makarov State University of Maritime and Inland Shipping
  1. Implementing large-scale project “Memorial Complex “Northern Convoys”

The Complex will be set in St. Petersburg, Russia, constituting a unified architectural ensemble with the already existing Arctic Convoy Monument, and will include:

  • Memorial Museum of the Northern Convoys History
  • Open-air museum
  • The Northern Convoys Public Garden with monumental-artistic grate and the Alley of Heroes
  • The Chapel in honor of the fallen heroes
  • The International Conference Dedicated to the 80th anniversary of the convoy “Dervish”