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Welcome to our website dedicated to the Northern (Arctic) convoys of 1941-1945 as the important, interesting and heroic page in the history of the Great Patriotic and World War II. The convoys are a true-life example of how the nations of the world can unite in the name of Victory over a common fearsome enemy. The Northern Convoys International Center was founded in December 2018 and has objectives to eternalize, augment and save for future generations the memory of hundreds of thousands people from different countries who took part in shipping the cargoes necessary for the Victory in the Great Patriotic and World War II, through the harsh Arctic waters.

News of foundation
17.06.24 The International Centre took part in the defence of graduation papers
On the 10th and 11th of June at the Faculty of International Relations of Saint-Petersburg State University the defence of graduate qualification works and theses of bachelors and masters in "International Relations" took place
07.05.24 The event "Day of Remembrance" told about the heroes of the Northern Convoys
Director of The "NCIC" Foundation spoke about the Northern Convoys as part of the Polar region's history
02.05.24 "NCIC" Foundation presented report at the Congress of International Studies
Director of the Foundation spoke about our collection and recent exhibition projects On April 25-27, 2024 The Second Saint-Petersburg Congress on International Studies “Global and Regional Challenges in the Changing World” was held

The Northern convoys are Immortal Heroes!

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The main objectives of the International Centre include:

  • bringing together all people and organizations who strive to immortalize the feat of the Northern (Arctic) convoys’ participants;
  • tribute and appreciation to the War veterans for contributing to the Victory over Nazism;
  • cooperating and assisting now living veterans of the Northern convoys, their families;
  • patriotic upbringing of the young people;
  • preserving and strengthening friendship, promoting peace among the peoples of all countries.

Our projects:

  • Memorial Museum of the Northern Convoys History
  • The Northern Convoys Public Garden
  • Open Air Museum

The unique collection of the Memorial Museum, wholly devoted to the Northern convoys of WWII and the Great Patriotic War, is being assembled with the participation of veterans, their families, students, cadets, and other not indifferent people who are concerned with the heroic pages of both Russian and the world’s history in the 20th century. You can contribute to the creation of a unique Memorial Museum of the Northern Convoys in St. Petersburg and make yourself, your family and your Company live on in History!