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Videoconference with representatives of the leading Perm universities


On July 8, the Northern Convoys International Centre held a joint videoconference with representatives of the leading universities in Perm city, known for its established school of higher education. The guests of videoconference were represented by heads and team members of the Department of the Architecture and Urban Studies of the Perm National Research Polytechnic University and the Department of Architectural Space Designing of the Ural Branch of the Russian Academy of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture

To start the videoconference, the Director of the International Centre Vladimir Solomonov presented our projects to the Perm colleagues; in particular he told about the planned International Conference dedicated to the 80th anniversary of the Northern Convoys, the international creative competition "Together we are the World!" and the unique Memorial Complex "Northern Convoys".

Representatives of Perm universities highly appreciated the efforts of the International Centre aimed at preserving the historical memory and expressed interest in joint work on the presented projects. Thus, the representatives of the Polytechnic University hold an interest in the joint creation of a series of infographic posters illustrating the projects of the International Centre and giving visual information about Lend-Lease and Northern Convoys. In their turn, representatives of the Academy of Painting offered assistance in developing design project of the Northern Convoys Public Garden (a part of Memorial Complex). The topics of joint historical researches such as “Lend-Lease for Molotov (Perm)” and "Workers who forged the Victory behind the lines of war" were also discussed. The second mentioned topic is especially interesting because its disclosure can be largely contributed by the representatives of the young generation - descendants of the workers of wartime Perm factories.

The Northern Convoys International Centre thanks all the participants of videoconference and expresses confidence in future successful and productive joint work with employees and students of Perm universities!