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The design project of the Memorial Museum of the Northern Convoys History


The design project of the Memorial Museum of the Northern Convoys History has been developed and approved. In the course of work, the museum zones, the purpose of halls and the theme of the exposition in each of them were worked out in detail.

In accordance with the design project, the exposition will lead the visitors through several thematic zones. The first zone on the route of viewing the exposition will be “Port”, in which the visitors will learn about the 12 countries that took part in the Northern convoys. In this zone the interactive models will be installed, demonstrating the structure of a ship's lower hold, the process of forming the convoys, and representing all types of troops that participated in their protection.

The second and the third exposition zones will be the “Hold”, where visitors will see the types and contents of cargoes supplied by the convoys, and “the Arctic Ocean” with the interactive multimedia globe installed in the center of the zone allowing to study the routes of Allied convoys.

Further along the route of the exposition, visitors will get acquainted with the immortal feat of the Russian timber carrier Izhora. In the Memorial Museum, a separate exposition will be devoted to heroic Izhora, and will include a mock element of the ship's board with a ladder, as well as the detailed account of unequal battle of the carrier with the squadron of German naval ships led by the battleship Tirpitz. The mock-up of Izhora’s board will at the same time serve as a staircase to the interactive cockpit of the vessel. In the cockpit, a visitor will have the chance to feel like a participant of those historical times: to play the role of a ship’s navigator, take part in a battle or lead the ship through an ice hummock.

From the Izhora zone, visitors will enter the next zone the “Theater of Operations” with interactive models “Naval combat”, “Destruction of the battleship Scharnhorst” and an interactive cabin of a torpedo bomber, the latter allowing visitors to feel like a pilot defending a convoy from the air.

The exposition will end with the hall “Glory to the winners!”. In the center of the hall will be located the copies of ceremonial dress-coats belonging to the “Generals of Victory” of the USSR, Great Britain and the USA. Further in the “Victory zone”, the visitors will see stands dedicated to all countries that took part in the Northern convoys and showing the contribution of each of them to the common Victory.