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The report on the Northern Convoys was presented at the meeting of the International Discussion Club


On November 21, 2020, the team of the International Centre took part in the first meeting of the interest club “The Word Uniting Continent”. The club is created by an initiative group of philologists from Romania and Russia, and the purpose of its creation is cultural and educational interaction, the development of intellectual and cultural dialogue between people of different countries. The Centre was invited to participate by the scientists of Perm State Research University – the club’s founders.

As a part of the meeting, a report “Northern convoys – a long way to peace in Europe” was presented by Vladimir Solomonov, Director of the International Centre. The meeting participants were told about the history of Lend-Lease and Northern Convoys, and their significance for gaining the Victory in the Great Patriotic War. Vladimir Solomonov made a point of the unprecedented value of the Northern convoys as the unique example of different countries uniting and assisting each other in the face of common enemy. He also presented information on the projects dedicated to eternalizing the Northern convoys’ heroic history in Russia, in particular in St. Petersburg.

The report aroused great interest among the guests and participants of the event –teachers and students of Russian, Romanian, Azerbaijan, Moldavian universities and schools. Those present asked their questions, and thanked the International Centre for the important work of eternalizing a memorable page in the common history of Russia and Europe.

The Northern Convoys International Centre thanks the founders of International Discussion Club “The Word Uniting Continent” for the invitation and wishes the club success in its important activity!

Photo: Aliya Zayneeva

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