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Students of St. Petersburg State University presented their internship reports at the "NCIC" Foundation

On May 10, 2023, the students of the Faculty of International Relations of St. Petersburg State University who were on internship at the "NCIC" Foundation, presented the results of their work. One of the main directions of students' research work during the internship was the analysis of museums' activity in Russia and abroad in order to keep the memory about the Northern Convoys and the Second World War.

Students' telling about the results of the practice was preceded by the excursion on the Arctic and Antarctic Museum exposition, devoted to the history of the Northern Sea Route. A part of the exposition tells about military and transport operations in Arctic waters during the Great Patriotic War and this part of the excursion was especially interesting for students from the point of view of their work, already conducted on studying of representation of the Northern convoys in museums of Russia and the world and from the point of view of analysis of organization and presentation of exposition material.

After viewing the tour, students told about the results of their work during the internship: the researches were devoted to opportunities for cooperation between the International Centre and museums and organizations in India engaged in preserving memories of World War II; possible cooperation on the subject of lend-lease and convoy operations with Iran and South Africa, the ways of interaction with the International Network of World Museums and the museum system of Brazil.

We express our gratitude for the work of all the students who successfully completed their internships at the Foundation, as well as our sincere appreciation for the cooperation of their scientific adviser, Elena Eltz, Associate Professor of International Humanitarian Relations at St. Petersburg State University! All the work was conducted at a high research level, and the research results and valuable recommendations formulated by the students will be used in the future work of the International Centre.