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Report involving the International Centre presented at the ICOM General Conference

On August 22, 2022, at the ICOM General Conference in Prague (Czech Republic), Elena Elts, associate professor of the Department of International Humanitarian Relations of the St. Petersburg State University, presented a report "A Virtual Exhibition as a Method of Shaping the International Museum Network Based on the Theme of the Arctic Convoys in Turbulent Times". The co-authors of the report, besides Elena Elts, are the "NCIC" Foundation and Vasily Abramovsky, head of the scientific, educational and outreach department of Arkhangelsk Northern Maritime Museum. The report was presented at the section of the International Committee of Museums and Collections of Arms and Military History (ICOMAM); the video message of our Director Vladimir Solomonov to the conference participants was shown. The report itself was made in the form of narratives expressed successively by all its co-authors: on the museum work to preserve the memory of the Northern Convoys (V. Abramovsky); on the practical experience of organizing an international virtual exhibition as a method of uniting Russian and foreign museums and artists around the theme of the Northern Convoys through art ("NCIC" Foundation), and the theoretical and scientific basis of inter-museum and international cooperation on the theme of the Northern Convoys, including in turbulent times (E. Elts).

This report has aroused the interest of museum representatives from all over the world participating in the conference; in many ways this is due to the positive experience of the "NCIC" Director's participation in ICOMAM conference in Spain in November 2021, when we got support from museum representatives in Europe and Latin America for our activities aimed at preserving the memory of the Northern Convoys.

The International Centre would like to sincerely thank Elena Elts for her cooperation and invaluable assistance in presenting our joint report at the conference!