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Students of St. Petersburg State University completed individual projects for the benefit of the International Centre

The conference was also attended by by Elena Dyakova, a leading researcher at the Russian Ethnographic Museum, Parvin Gozalov (Republic of Azerbaijan), a board member of the ICOMAM International Committee, as well as students’ work coordinator, associate professor of the Faculty of International Relations of St. Petersburg State University Elena Elts.

Alexandra Mishchenko presented the results of work on the analysis of coverage in the United States of the topic of allied convoys and sources of information about their participants who served in the US Naval Armed Guard.

Dana Bulakh spoke about the results of studying the experience of foreign (in particular, European) museums in preserving the memory of the Northern convoys and the Second World War in general, and also presented her proposals for possible strategies of the International Centre to attract more youth.

Anastasia Bykova analyzed the experience of interaction between museums, dealing with the themes of the Northern convoys and World War II, and universities.

Students Dina Gaikova and Ekaterina Konovalova presented reports on the topic of preserving the memory of the Northern Convoys by Russian and foreign museums.

The International Centre thanks the students and all the participants of the Zoom conference, and hopes to continue working together on the topic of Allied convoys and museum activities.