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Cooperation agreement with the Arkhangelsk Northern Maritime Museum has been signed

On December 9, 2021 an Agreement on cooperation and collaboration between "The Northern Convoys International Centre" Foundation and the Northern Maritime Museum of Arkhangelsk has been signed. The signing took place in a warm and friendly atmosphere at the Department of International Humanitarian Relations of St. Petersburg State University.

The agreement covers the possibility of mutual informational, organizational, methodological assistance and joint activities in the field of science.

The Northern Maritime Museum was founded in the 1970s, and its exposition tells both the history of Arkhangelsk and the history of the maritime exploration of the Russian North.

What’s more important, the museum dedicates it’s activity to the research and preservation of the memory of the Northern Convoys; to mark the 80th anniversary of the Northern Convoys, in August 2021, the museum unveiled the exhibition "Port of Destination: Arkhangelsk".

We hope that the cooperation between the International Centre and the Northern Maritime Museum on the subject of the Northern Convoys will be effective and marked by successful joint projects!