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The International Centre publishes material on the participation of Irishmen in the Northern Convoys

The Northern Convoys International Centre is glad to share with visitors to this site an interesting publication which aims to partially explore the little researched topic of the Irishmen of the southern part of Ireland involved in the Northern Convoys. It is known that Ireland was a neutral country in the Second World War. All the more interesting is the fact that between 1939 and 1945 more than 43,000 people from Ireland served in the Royal Navy, Army and Air Force. Consequently, many of them may have participated in the Allied Northern Convoys of 1941-1945.

The Irish from the Southern Ireland also were the crewmembers of the cargo ships that sailed in the Northern Convoys. Our article "The Irish in the Northern Convoys" is about the tragic history of the cargo ship Earlston, which perished in the PQ-17 convoy, and her Irish crewmembers. In the near future, we will continue publishing materials about Ireland's representatives in the Allied convoys in the Arctic.

The International Centre expresses sincere gratitude to Peter Mulvany, researcher of the Irish’s participation in WWII, without whose materials and photographs this publication would not have been possible. We very much look forward to working with Mr. Mulvany in the future and wish him every success in his research!

The Northern Convoys International Centre would be grateful for any information about the Irish people who participated in the Northern Convoys to further explore this interesting subject and to build up the archives of the future Memorial Museum of the Northern Convoys History!

You can read the article at the link.