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Veterans from the USA are awarded the Medals of Ushakov


17 US citizens who took part in the 1941-1945 Northern convoys were awarded the Ushakov Medal, a state award of the Russian Federation. Decree No. 520 of August 21, 2020 was signed by the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin.

It is largely due to their courage, and the courage of many sailors who participated  in the Northern convoys, that this unique operation of the Second World War and the Great Patriotic War became possible. The Northern Convoys of 1941-1945 are an outstanding example of different countries uniting in the name of victory over fascism.

The Northern convoys International Centre congratulates the awarded veterans: William Speight BURTON, David Eugene BAKER, Richard BURBINE, Raymond Edward WEIGAND Jr., Leo Joseph GOULET, Issie DEITSCH, Michael KEMPLE, George Henry KOCH, Rolf Erik CHRISTOFFERSEN, Richard LANDOLFI, James Baker NORTH III, Wallace Leroy ORSUND, Howard William PFEIFER, Wilbert Frank ROZUM, Hugh Мart STEPHENS, Dale Paul STRAUSSER, Trygve HANSEN!

We sincerely wish you health and many more years!

Information on the website of the Russian Embassy in the United States: https://washington.mid.ru/ru/press-centre/news/o_nagrazhdenii_amerikanskikh_grazhdan_medalyu_ushakova/