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Participants of the car rally took with them the “NCIC” Foundations’ flag


On September 11, 2020, from the Arctic Convoys Monument installed in front of the College of Admiral Makarov State University, started a motor rally dedicated to the memory of the deceased crew members of the K-8 submarine, that was destroyed by the fire during training maneuvers on April 8, 1970.

52 submariners died heroes when fighting the fire and managing the damage control, many of them sacrificed their lives to save their crewmates.

The welcome speeches addressed to the rally participants were said by the heads of the University Centre for Patriotic Education, “Sea Watch of Memory” search group, as well as representatives of Northern Fleet sailors and veterans of the Navy. Vladimir Solomonov, Director of the “NCIC” Foundation, welcomed the participants on behalf of the Northern Convoys International Center.

All speakers handed over the flags of their organizations to the participants of the rally and the rally started to the strains of martial music. It took the route St. Petersburg - Novgorod region - Republic of Karelia and ended on September 15 in St. Petersburg, by the Arctic Convoys Monument.

On the way, participants of the rally held meetings with schoolchildren, cadets and Navy veterans, laid flowers at the monuments dedicated to the Great Patriotic War and submarine heroes.

Photos: Center of patriotic education of the Department of extra-curricular and educational work of the Admiral Makarov State University