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The International Centre took part in the international conference at the Saint-Petersburg Artillery Museum

On May 17th, at the 11th International Research and Practice Conference "The Art of War and Weaponry: New Investigations and Materials", Vladimir Solomonov, Director of the “NCIC” Foundation, together with Elena Eltz, Associate Professor of International Humanitarian Relations Department at St. Petersburg State University, presented a paper entitled "Virtual Exhibition as a Method of Networking Museum Partnerships Based on the 1941-1945 Northern Convoys". The report was devoted to the International Center's experience in organizing a network museum community based on cooperation within the framework of the international virtual exhibition "One Equal Temper of Heroic Hearts... The tale of sacrifice and courage of the 1941-1945 Northern Convoys through Art" in 2022.

In addition, the report announced the opening of the exhibition "Allied (Northern) Convoys and the Lend-Lease 1941-1945" at The Russian State Arctic and Antarctic Museum. The exhibition is organized with the support of the "History of Russia" Foundation and will be opened on August 31, 2023.

Eleventh International

scientific-practical conference

The art of war and Weaponry

New Research and Materials