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News from our partners: the "Polar Convoy" Organization passed the relics to the Navy

On November 4, 2022  in the settlement of Pechenga in Murmansk Oblast took place a solemn transfer of the relics of the Great Patriotic War belonging to the 63rd Red Banner Kirkenes Marine Brigade and Guards Red Banner submarine "S-56" to the command of the 61st Marine Corps Brigade.

Honorary president of the St. Petersburg Regional Public Organization "Polar Convoy", veteran of the Great Patriotic War, retired Captain 1st Rank Yuri Alexandrov presented the commander of the 61st Marine Brigade with the ensign of the 63rd Red Banner Kirkenes Brigade. The 63rd Brigade in 1944 took part in the Petsamo-Kirkenes offensive - a major military offensive during World War II, mounted by the Red Army against the Wehrmacht.

Pavel Saranov, President of the "Polar Convoy" Organization, Captain of the 2nd rank in the reserve, presented the Commander of the 161st Submarine Brigade with the Flag of the Red Banner submarine "S-56". The legendary submarine was part of the Northern Fleet during the Great Patriotic War, and is the most successful Soviet submarine in terms of the number of credibly sunk targets.

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Reference information:

On October 25, 2022, a Cooperation Agreement was signed between the "Northern Convoys International Centre" Foundation and the St. Petersburg Regional Public Organization "Polar Convoy", which has been engaged for many years in preserving the memory of the Northern Convoys of 1941-1945.