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The International Center publishes on its website part of the Сonvoys’ history on behalf of the son of a British veteran

The International Center of Northern Convoys is happy to share with the visitors of our website an interesting publication in honor of the upcoming 80th anniversary of the Northern Convoys. We are posting the history of several convoys - JW54B, JW56A, JW56B, RA56, with a detailed list of participating vessels, as well as the history of the defeat of the British destroyer HMS "Hardy" on January 30, 1944 not far from Bear Island. A member of the destroyer's crew from the moment of its commissioning in August 1943 until the moment of its loss was the Northern Convoys veteran John Henry Vernon Webb. The material we are publishing was compiled by the veteran's son, Paul Webb, in memory of his father.

Mr. Paul Webb has done a tremendous job of gathering and structuring the information, and we are deeply grateful to him for the opportunity to publish his work titled "Convoy diary" on our website. We hope that the material will be interesting and useful to those interested in WWII history, and will help to learn more details of the events of the Northern convoys that took place in late 1943 - early 1944.

For more information, see the article "Convoy Diary".