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Account of Tony McTighe's life after PQ-17

Previously published on our website material about the Northern Convoys veteran from Ireland Tony McTighe has been completed with the information about his life upon return home to his native Irish city of Cork. Tony McTighe’s daughter Pauline Matthews has written about the difficult post-war life of the veteran and his family, and this story is moving and very human, in many ways it is about overcoming the difficult traumatic experience that all the participants in the Northern Convoys endured and tried to overcome in their own way.

In its activities, and in compiling the expositions of the Northern Convoys Museum, the International Centre considers it very important to tell about the post-war lives of Northern Convoys veterans from different countries. We believe that this concept of creating an exposition focusing on the personal stories and memories of veterans and their families will help bring together people from Russia and other countries who share the historical memory of the Northern Convoys.

The International Centre expresses sincere gratitude to Pauline Matthews for sending in the material and photos!

To read the completed publication, please click here.