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The library of the Northern Convoys International Centre has received new editions

The Northern Convoys International Centre is pleased to announce that the collected library of books, brochures, conference materials, and other publications related to allied convoys has been recently enlarged. The International Centre has received copies of a commemorative brochure published by the public organization The Russian Arctic Convoy Project (Scotland, UK) on the occasion of the 76th anniversary of the end of the Northern convoys and World War II. The brochure provides brief information about the convoys, presents their most important dates and the stories of veterans, also tells about the activities of the Russian Arctic Convoy Project, in particular, about the opening of the Wartime Trail around Loch Ewe, from where the convoys departed to the USSR.

Another valuable addition to the Centre's library is a copy of the book by the American writer Michael G. Walling. What makes this book especially valuable is that it was donated to the International Centre by Charles Brodie, the son of a Northern Convoy veteran whose personal belongings are on display at the Northern Convoy Memorial Hall in St. Petersburg. On the foretitle of the book, Mr. Brodie made an inscription - a dedication to all participants in the convoys and gratitude to his father.

We would like to express our sincere gratitude to Charles Brodie and Christopher Connolly, Trustee of the Russian Arctic Convoy Project for the publications sent!