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The design project of the Memorial Museum of the Northern Convoys History has been developed and approved Details...

About Museum

Memorial Museum of the Northern Convoys History is meant to become a powerful unifying factor for people not only in St. Petersburg and Russia as a whole, but also for all the progressive countries of the planet that cherish the memory of war heroes.

People in Russia traditionally cherish and honor the memory of the WWII and the Great Patriotic War. Expositions dedicated to the Northern convoys of 1941-1945 are available in museums in Arkhangelsk, Murmansk, Moscow, St. Petersburg. However, to this date there is no unified exposition in Russia showing this unique event completely and comprehensively.

The Museum is being created with the purpose to eternalize the blessed memory of tens of thousands of people who took part in the delivery of strategic cargoes to the Soviet Union through the Arctic waters during the WWII. In addition, the Museum will have an educational function. This primarily concerns young people, schoolchildren and students, whose knowledge about the Northern convoys and battles in the northern latitudes in general is insufficient.

Cognitive function of the future Museum is also of great importance: the visitors will acquire new knowledge on the basis of the historical authenticity of the exposition. A special emphasis in collecting and combining of the Museum exposition will be laid on the lives of people from different countries who took part in the Northern Convoys. A separate stand will be dedicated to each country whose sons participated in the Convoys, presenting their stories, memories and their individual impact in the common heroic page of Northern Allied Convoys. Our aim is to make sure that each country is adequately and decently represented in the exposition.

The exposition of Memorial Museum of the Northern Convoys History is scheduled to be partly opened for visitors on August 31, 2021.

Dear friends!

The Northern Convoys International Centre accepts as donations for the Museum exposition:

  • items of WWII
  • heirlooms
  • paintings, books, postcards, photos, videos, documents, etc.
  • military uniform, caps, shoulder straps, buttonholes, chevrons, stripes, buttons, ribbons, flags, awards, signs
  • models and dioramas
  • artifacts

You can contribute to the creation of a unique Memorial Museum of the Northern Convoys in St. Petersburg and make yourself, your family and your Company live on in History!