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The event "Day of Remembrance" told about the heroes of the Northern Convoys

Director of The "NCIC" Foundation spoke about the Northern Convoys as part of the Polar region's history

On May 7 in St. Petersburg in the Center "Call of the Earth" of the St. Petersburg Municipality "Georgievsky" held an event "Day of Remembrance" dedicated to the military exploits of indigenous peoples of the North, Siberia and the Far East during the Great Patriotic War.

Director of the Northern Convoys International Centre Vladimir Solomonov took part in the event at the invitation of the St. Petersburg Committee for Arctic Affairs. Vladimir Solomonov told the guests and participants of the event, among whom there were many schoolchildren, about the harsh Arctic conditions in which convoy operations took place in 1941-1945, about the courage of military and civilian people who participated in guarding and escorting convoys; he also presented the history of some important and tragic pages of the history of convoys.

Anna Volkova and Ivan Melnikov, students of the Faculty of International Relations of St. Petersburg State University, also made a report at the event. They told about the Foundation's exhibition "Allied (Northern) Convoys and Lend-Lease 1941-1945" and its perception through the eyes of St. Petersburg State University students - future international affairs specialists. The International Centre would like to thank the students and their supervisor - Associate Professor of the Department of International Humanitarian Relations of St. Petersburg State University Elena Elts for the interesting report and attention to our exhibition!

We are sincerely grateful to the organizers of the event for inviting us to such an interesting and important event on the eve of Victory Day!

We would like to thank the St. Petersburg Committee for Arctic Affairs for the photos provided.