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Theme of the Northern Convoys in the works of foreign artists

Hanke, Henry. Naval Gunner (Able Seaman John Walker). Oil on canvas, 1943. Australian War Memorial. The license to use the image was acquired with the support of the leading researcher of St. Petersburg State University, Doctor of Technical Sciences Sergey Viktorovich Oshemkov, Russia.

Diana Mackie (center) donates a triptych to the Northern Convoys International Centre, 2020.


Diana Mackie about her triptych:

"Within my three paintings the emphasis is on isolation and fear in death, but in my final piece 'The Spirit of the Albatross' I want to show optimism, and a connection to all who lost their lives. To make at least some sense of the terrible losses that has given us decades of peace…"



Gordon Frickers (UK). Convoy PQ13 _ Frozen Fury. PQ13, Arctic convoy to Murmansk, one of the most attacked convoys of World War II, painted for an eye witness on the "New Westminster City".

British artist Gordon Frickers (https://www.frickers.co.uk/art/) created the painting inspired by the memories of PQ-13 convoy participant Morris Mills. A copy of the painting was featured on the cover of the 2011 book "Frozen Fury" by John L. Haynes (Publishing house "Gangut", St. Petersburg).